Monday, 25 February 2013

Tigress Part 1-The Ruby

Tigress peered into the luscious red depths of the ruby. Jewels had a grip on her like nothing else, not like clothes, not like men, not even like gossip sessions with friends. Not that she had many of them anymore. In fact, she had none.

A ting alerted her to her surroundings, including the people falling over themselves to get out of the lift. These were not professionals, but still she cursed herself for wasting time. Tigress knew she could take the over-eager school boys any day, despite their waving guns. She had a small armoury hanging from her belt, and she could use them all with amazing precision, and enjoyment. After all, who didn’t enjoy killing hyper-ambitious, stuck up men with a like for big-busted, no-brained women? That’d teach them a thing or two.

The men piling out of the lift paid her no attention, their eyes fixing on the ruby. Obviously her bra size wasn’t big enough for them. Shame that. Some of them weren’t bad looking either. But they would be pretty ugly with a broken nose.

Tigress sprang into action as soon as the lift doors clanged shut. A knife whizzed through the air, thudding into the first man’s chest. He fell to the ground even as she charged towards her next target.

This man was the burliest of the lot, and she wished she could have taken him first. Tigress didn’t really want a wrestling match, she wasn’t exactly buff, and would have preferred to have hit him with that knife. Unfortunately he’d been last out of the lift and had been out of her range. She’d have to practice harder.

Tigress head butted the man in the chest, catching him by surprise. The dark room offered cover, and her shoes were soft-soled, so she was about as quiet as her namesake. Thankfully there would be no wrestling match tonight.

The man stumbled backwards and she followed up her first move by ramming the heel of her hand into the underside of his chin. There was a crack as his head snapped up and he toppled like a felled tree.

The remaining four tried to close in on her, but Tigress launched a karate kick at the closest man, hurling his gun out of reach, before grabbing his wrist and forcing his arm up his back. She used him like a shield, blocking the other three men from having a clear shot. One kid’s gun shook and he looked as if he was about to wet himself, obviously a newbie. She could leave him till last, as he was more likely to flee than the others, but uncertain types were unpredictable and could end up killing someone by accident. She wasn’t about to take that chance.

Tigress shoved her shield into the newbie, at the same time as throwing a punch at a second man’s nose. A shot fired, and her former shield crumpled. She snatched the gun from the closest man, who now had a broken nose, before kicking him in the balls. He clutched at his injured body part and joined the three men already on the floor. Tigress pointed the gun at the only untouched man, who dropped his weapon and raised his hands in defeat. Newbie was still staring at his smoking gun, too shocked to move. Tigress gave her flashiest smile to the man whom her barrel was aimed at. He didn’t exactly wilt under her charms, but hey, no one looked sexy in a black leather one piece with their hair tied back in an immaculate bun. She was dressed for practicality after all.

“Stay still gentleman,” Tigress said, backing slowly away, gun still pointed firmly at the man’s chest. “I’ll just take my leave and then you can do as you please.”

Newbie glanced up at her, but neither did so much as wave goodbye as she knocked the ruby from its perch with her foot and caught it expertly in her open hip-bag. They didn’t look impressed as she headed towards the rope dangling from the ceiling, her gun never wavering.

“Oh, and if you feel so inclined, please inform the mayor that my name is Tigress, not Cat Woman,” she held the gun in one hand and the rope in the other as she wrapped her legs around her escape route. “And that’s spelt T-I-G-R-E-S-S by the way. Thankyou so much.”

With a cheery wave and a wink Tigress dropped the gun and shimmied up the rope into the night, the ruby safely tucked in her hip-bag.

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